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   February 2005 - June 2008

When my hubby and I got married 4 ½ years ago, we decided that we wanted to add a mastiff to our lives. I was unable to have any children. So, we had decided that a mastiff would be the perfect pet to adopt. We searched for over 6 months to find the perfect boy to add to our family.
We bought Harley in Springfield Missouri. From the first day we met him we fell head over heals in love. I was so excited to bring him home it seemed like forever for the 8 weeks to pass.
Harley has blessed our lives so much, that we decided to add another Haylee. The combination of the two was breathtaking. I never thought I could love someone so much. We raised both of them just like they were our children. Harley was the smartest dog I have ever had. He was just my little boy dressed up in a dog’s body. I could talk to my boy and he would understand exactly what I was saying. If I ever was having a bad day all I needed to do was look in those big brown eyes and all of my troubles were over. Harley loved the country life, he would always wake me up at 3 am just to go sit on the porch and listen to the noises outside. My boy filled our lives with so much happiness and love. I rotated my entire world around him.
Harley loved life, everyone and every animal around him.  I always would look at other breeder websites and cry when I read the rainbow pages. I always thought it would be the most horrible thing in the world if I ever lost my any of my babies.  During the summer  I was out of town and I came home and my boy was very sick. He had lost about 15#, I took him to the vet and I was told it was Pneumonia. He had a very high fever, we treated him for 4 days and he still wasn’t getting better.

I took him to another vet and found out that he had Blasto mycosis. My world had been turned upside-down. I stayed with my boy and gave him treatments for 3 days. I held him every hour and fed him with a syringe, and prayed to god to have my boy get well, he went through a very rough weekend. Harley would look at me with those big brown eyes and tears would fall down his face and I knew he didn't want to leave us. On Saturday night Harley got up and slept in his room for a while and roamed around the house. His fever was broken. I was so happy that my boy was getting better. On Sunday he got up went outside ran to the lake and took a walk. I called him and he looked at me in a daze, I ran to the lake to get him. When he came back in the house he was like the he was cured. I was so happy. When my hubby got home Harley was all over him. I knew my boy was getting better. About 2:00 on Sunday Harley lost his life. We revived him once he looked at us and he looked at both of us and he closed his eyes and he was gone. I know now why Harley done the things he loved to do all weekend he was remembering the good times at “DreamAcres”, he knew he had to leave. My heart was so ripped apart and it still is so hard to believe he is gone. He was my boy! If you have ever met my boy then you should know what a great boy he was. We have him buried up on the hill over looking the lake and where he can see everything that goes on at our home. I look at his grave everyday to see if I can see him. He touched my life in so many ways and I will love him forever.
My hubby told me one day when I was crying that maybe there was a sick little boy in heaven that saw Harley and fell in love with him he and this was why he was taken to heaven so early.  I will always share the memories and hold them deep in my heart. 
Harley, I love you!
Harley has blessed us with two wonderful boys Hammer & Lil' Harley to carry on his legacy.
Look for these great boys in the future to produce the quality and loyality that his daddy produced in all of his babies.


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